Manage the search index of a namespace

Each namespace has an individual search index. The search index contains the fields, that should be indexed for your things of this namespace. Thus, search queries can be filtered by these fields.

Indexable fields

  • thingId
  • policyId
  • definition (thing definition)
  • attributes and all sub-paths of attributes
  • features and all sub-paths of features
  • _created
  • _modified
  • _revision

tip The fields thingId and _created are the minimal indexed fields and can’t be deleted.

How to edit the search index

The user interface provides various options:

  • Minimal: includes thingId and _created
  • Default: includes thingId, policyId, definition, attributes and _created
  • Complete: includes all indexable fields
  • Comfort: includes thingId, definition, attributes, features/*/properties/status/agentName, features/*/properties/status/softwareModuleType and _created
  • Custom: includes thingId, _created, and some of fields of your choice.

Example with customized search index search index

note Editing the search index does not automatically trigger the reindexing of your things in this namespace.

A field that is wanted to be indexed, can be added via either a path (features/myFeature/properties/myProperty) or as a complex expression (features/myFeature(properties/myProperty)). Indexing via a complex expression allows for indexing multiple paths in one expression (features/myFeature/properties(property1,property2))

Additionally, the field to be indexed can contain wildcards. The expression features/*/properties/temperature would thus index all temperature feature properties, independent of the featureId. The indexed fields are, like the filter of a search query, case-sensitive.

note In case you need to edit the search index via API, see the Solutions resource PUT /solutions​/{solutionId}​/namespaces​/{namespaceId}.

tip Find details about the Search RQL filter at Developer guide > HTTP API > Search resources.

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