Azure Monitor (HTTP)

In this example, we configure an HTTP connection that publishes twin events to Azure Monitor Data Collector API.


To follow this example you will need:

  • A Bosch IoT Things service subscription
  • An Azure Monitor Log Analytics Workspace

Create the connection

  • Click Go to Dashboard in the row of your Things instance, which will manage the connection.
  • On the Things dashboard open the tab Connections/Integrations.
  • Click Create your first connection, or Add in case you have one already.
    • Select HTTP from the categories.
    • Give the connection a name. Setting a name is required.
    • Click the Continue button.

Configure credentials

  • Scroll to the Coordinates section.
  • Choose hmac as the credential type.
  • Choose az-monitor-2016-04-01 as the algorithm.
  • Enter the Workspace ID found on the “Agent Management” tab of the Log Analytics Workspace.
  • Enter the primary or secondary shared key of the Log Analytics Workspace.
  • Enter the hostname of the Data Collector API <workspace-id>


Add a target

  • Scroll to the Targets section.
  • Click the Add target button.
  • Choose POST as the HTTP verb.
  • Enter /api/logs?api-version=2016-04-01 as the HTTP path.
  • Add an authorization subject, e.g. integration:<solution-id>:az
  • Check Thing twin events under Topics to publish on address.
  • Add header mappings
    • Content-Typeapplication/json
    • Log-TypeTwinEvent az-monitor-target-2
  • Click Save new target.

Authorize the connection for twin events

Follow the steps “Create a Hello World thing” and “Add the authorization subject of the connection to the policy” on the Hub-to-Things connection tutorial to authorize the connection to receive twin events.

Remember to use the authorization subject of this connection in the policy, e.g. integration:<solution-id>:az.

Up to 30 minutes after the first event, a custom log TwinEvent_CL will be created in Azure Monitor. The rows there are the published twin events.

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