How to avoid running into transaction limits?

I have booked a Free plan so far, but now I cannot even access my Things dashboard stating that my solution in blocked due to transactions.

transactions limit

How to proceed in case of limited transactions?


The amount of free transactions for a Bosch IoT Things service instance is different per plan. In case of a Free plan, the limit is at 100,000 transactions per month.

Thus, you have various options:

  • Keep your free service instance, and wait until the first of the next calendar month, when the counter is reset.
  • Request an “upgrade” to one of the payed service plans.

Bosch associates with access to the Bosch IoT Cloud can upgrade their service plan there.

Tips for saving transactions in the development phase

  • Be aware that each request and each response will be a transaction
  • Start with as less devices as possible
  • Prevent you devices from sending big payloads (all transactions > 1kB will count as multiple transactions)
  • Search is counted as at least 10 transactions
  • Enabling logging for your connection turns out to be often used for debugging. However, if you request all log results frequently, this might soon raise your transactions count rapidly, as the response can grow big very fast.

Estimate the current consumption

Find an estimation of you consumption at the Things UI, see example screenshot below.

If you prefer, you can to request such data via HTTP API.

However, please be aware, that these requests and responses are also transactions. Thus, if your quota is exceeded, your request will not succeed.


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