How to define a default namespace for my service instance?

The things in our service instance are projected to be of various namespaces.

Is there a possibility to define one of the namespaces as a default?


Bosch IoT Things allows a service instance to handle entities of various namespaces.

Further, setting a namespace in all IDs of things and policies is mandatory.
Find the detailed concept description at Concepts > Namespace.

There are several points in time when you can define a default namespace:

  • After booking a Bosch IoT Things service you have access to the Things dashboard.
    Thus we recommend using it right away and setting a namespace.
    The first one is the default.
    Note: In case you omit this step please make sure to define at least one namespace, before creating your first thing.
  • In case you need multiple namespaces, please book as Standard plan.
    Note: Find details at Restrictions > Service plan

Example via UI

The list of namespaces reserved for your service instance is displayed at Manage your namespace

  • As soon as you specify the first namespace entry, this will be marked as default.
  • To change the default, simply edit a new entry and mark it accordingly.

Example via API

Create or update a specific Namespace registered for a specific Solution

PUT /solutions/{solutionId}/namespaces/{namespaceId}
  • Set the solutionId
  • Set the namespaceId
  • Set the request body { "default": false }
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