Protocol - examples

Twin communication pattern

The typical communication pattern when interacting with the Bosch IoT Things service using the Ditto protocol is composed of multiple correlated “signals”.
Therefore, each part has a correlation-id header which can be used to associate related parts.

  • [1] A command is sent to the Bosch IoT Things service which is then processed.
  • [2] The response given to the issuer of the command would be either a success response or an error response.\ Any response contains a “status” and an “error” field which identify the error that occurred.
  • [3] In addition an event is triggered.\ The event describes that the change was applied to the thing.\ Interested parties can subscribe for such events and follow the evolving thing.

A schematic view for the communication flow:


note Events caused by commands from a connection are not published to the same origin. The connection can receive a response, but will not additionally get an event.

Examples at Eclipse ditto

Find the Eclipse Ditto examples online

They are structured as follows:

  • Command
  • Response
  • Event

tip All protocol examples are prepared for the twin channel.
In case you need to communicate to the device simply replace it with live.

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