In order to communicate with one another in the Internet of Things (IoT), all participants first of all need connectivity, and second a digital representation.

While we commonly accept that a user account is the equivalent for a human user, the digital representation of devices and applications managing such devices differ from solution to solution.

Due to the fact the Bosch IoT Things service is based on the open source project Eclipse Ditto, we strongly believe that the digital twin concept should be the answer for the digital representation of a device.

Our key message here is:

The Bosch IoT Things service uses the Thing entity to represent an IoT device as a “digital twin”.
The various aspects of a device are represented as Features, which are sub elements of a thing entity.
The Namespace helps to separate things in multi-tenant scenarios.
Any subject - be it a human user, a technical user or an application - needs to be listed in the thing’s Policy in order to be allowed to participate in any communication, as we strive for privacy by default.

Find further details regarding all of our concepts in the subsequent pages.

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