General aspects

  • Ready-to-use cloud offering
    • Bosch IoT Things is part of pre-configured packages with connections between all its microservices.
    • Can also be booked stand-alone
  • Fully managed, shared cloud service
    • Various service plans: free (for evaluation), starter and standard
    • Pay-as-you-grow price model
    • Online calculator to estimate the consumption for your scenario
  • High availability & reliability
    • Always-on (availability 99,5%)
    • High resilience of the system
  • Scalability
    • Growth on demand
    • Quick response to increased data volume and transactions
  • Open & flexible
    • Based on open source project: Eclipse Ditto.
    • Flexibility to integrate with 3rd-party applications and other infrastructures

Pre-integrated into use case packages

The features in detail

Things - unified device API Things - integration Things - Digital twin

Things - security Things - security Things - development kit

Unified device API

  • Your application can access the devices in a unified way,
    • For different connectivity layers
    • For heterogeneous device types
  • All north-bound and south-bound applications can address the digital twin of the device in the same way
  • Bosch IoT Things supports a flexible abstraction meta-model, with re-usable elements for different device types
  • Your applications can address devices in a user’s context, and thus respect his privacy demands


  • Support for many out-of-the-box integration technologies to access our API in a seamless way,
    e.g. messaging technologies like AMQP, Apache Kafka, MQTT, WebSockets, Webhooks, REST API to interact with your devices
  • You application can use managed connections to various endpoints
    (e.g. Bosch IoT Hub, Bosch IoT Insights, AMQP broker, MQTT broker, Azure Event Hub, AWS IoT MQTT, Apache Kafka).
  • Additionally, any WebSocket connection can be opened ad-hoc
    (but is not stored at the solution, nor is it visible in your list of connections).
  • Business application integration - for cloud-to-device communication
    • Easy to use REST-like HTTP API for access and interaction with data and functionality of things
    • Java client and JavaScript client to access all data and functionality of your things
    • Protocol based communication on twin and live channel
    • Live messages can be routed directly between applications and devices
    • Secured subscriptions on authorized information for applications via connections (integrations)
  • Custom device connectivity integration - for device-to-cloud communication
    • Integration for devices is supported:
      • Your “direct” devices (IP ready) can be connected via Bosch IoT Hub or other device connectivity services
      • Your “indirect” devices (non-IP ready) can be connected via Bosch IoT Edge or other gateway technologies
  • Integration options with public cloud ecosystems (AWS + Azure)
    (e.g. you could use an Azure Event Hub to forward data to your machine learning services)

Digital twin

  • The Things service provides a digital representation of your device as a digital twin,
    allowing you to optionally store data in the twin for state management, e.g.
    • Sensor reading or other data reported by the device
    • Desired state e.g. incoming configuration updates from the business application
    • Additional information (meta data) for describing and managing devices
  • Flexible search and RQL filter support
    • Twin info - all fields, e.g. ID, attributes, features with reported or desired property values
    • Meta info like creation date, latest updated etc.
    • Customizable search index
  • Straight-forward life-cycle of things - Creation - device provisioning - Updates based on telemetry data and events from the device (device-to-cloud) - Updates based on remote messages from business applications (cloud-to-device) - Deletion - de-provisioning from the system

Security and privacy

  • Advanced policy-based access control of every interaction with device data or functionality
  • The policy document describes very fine-gained who can do what on each element (resource) of the device
  • Control read and write access as well permissions to send or receive messages
  • Authentication is based on OAuth2
    • User authentication for users with a JWT issued by
      • The Bosch IoT Suite - Suite Auth service
      • A Bosch ID account
      • A Google account
      • Your custom registered OAuth2 authorization provider
        (supported for all OpenID Connect compliant providers)
    • Client authentication with a JWT issued by
      • The Bosch IoT Suite - Suite Auth service
      • Your custom registered OAuth2 authorization provider
        (supported for all OpenID Connect compliant providers)
  • Possibility to describe fine-grained permissions, in case your application needs notifications for specific changes

Payload mapping, enrichment, filtering

  • Option for payload mapping - in case your endpoint expects another type of data (how the payload is organized
  • Option to enrich and/or filter the events which are forwarded to authorized subjects
  • Our service can adjust data/messages on-the-fly, before applying them to twins or delivery to the next layer (e.g. applications or devices)
  • Same filtering options (RQL) as for search applicable

Toolkit for development

  • Eclipse Ditto tooling (open source)
    is the open-source base for the commercial Things service, providing for example:
    • Things model
    • Things protocol
    • Java Client and JavaScript client
    • All concepts (Bosch IoT Things offers additionally the Solution management)
  • Interactive API docs for HTTP API (OpenAPI 3)
  • Compatible with concepts of Eclipse Vorto - open source project
  • Dashboard, to
    • Browse all IoT assets
    • Manage your namespaces
    • Manage your connections
    • Keep track on quota limits, etc.
  • Additionally, for the Bosch IoT Suite packages
    • Device Provisioning API
    • Developer Console
    • Bosch IoT Edge Services SDK
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