Things - features

Management of IoT assets

  • Manage data of Things by properties (e.g. for configuration, status and fault)
  • Manage life-cycle of Things
  • Represent and use the functionality of Things and events triggered by Things
  • Complex search
  • Dashboard to browse all IoT assets and analyze statistics

Integration for applications

  • Easy to use REST-like HTTP API for access and interaction with data and functionality of Things
  • Java client for access and interaction with data and functionality of Things
  • Protocol based communication on twin and live channel

Integration for sevices

  • Integration of “indirect” devices (non-IP ready) and “direct” devices (IP ready) via Java client or WebSocket protocol including support for custom Hubs/Gateways


  • User authentication for users with a Bosch account, Bosch IoT Permissions or Google
  • Client authentication with a private/public-key based challenge-response mechanism
  • Fine-grained access control via policies
  • Secured access to information about Things via HTTP API
  • Optional custom business activation process to take ownership of Things (claiming)


  • Fine-grained subscription for data and life-cycle changes and general messages
  • Secured subscriptions on authorized information for applications/solutions

Meta model for device abstraction

  • Unified language to describe devices based on Eclipse Vorto (see
  • Describes structures and functionality of devices
  • Leverage device description for contract-based development of large-scale or cross-domain solutions
  • Basis for implementation of device drivers and device-specific protocols as well as code templates for solution development

Development kit

  • Code generator plug-in for Eclipse Vorto to support solution development
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