Authenticate as a technical client


The Bosch IoT Suite portal offers a very convenient way to create your solution for trying out our service.

OAuth authentication

Bosch IoT Things provides the possibility to use OAuth to authenticate on API calls.

In case you have booked Bosch IoT Things within Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management, you can use the OAuth2 clients - section in the Suite portal and directly use these clients afterwards for authentication.

For a custom OAuth2 authorization provider you can register your client (OpenID Connect compliant) in your solution, so that tokens issued by this OAuth client can be used for API calls for your solution.

The first step is detailed in our FAQ section.

After the Things team has registered your custom OAuth2 authorization server, you can configure authorized clients for your solution, by using the HTTP API for solution management:

PUT /solutions/{solutionId}/clients
GET /solutions/{solutionId}/clients/{clientId}
PUT /solutions/{solutionId}/clients/{clientId}

tip See > HTTP API 2 > Solutions resources

Clients registered there are authorized to make requests in the context of your solution, which is identified by the solutionId path parameter.

To authenticate requests with a REST client you will need to provide the Authorization HTTP header containing an issued Json Web Token (JWT) Bearer ${JWT} with each request.


For creating a new thing with PUT on HTTP path
at the Things service, you need the following data to authenticate the request.

JWT-token  := eyJhbxxxxx

tip An example implementation using a ditto-client to retrieve a JWT-token from a “Suite OAuth2” client and authenticate with it, is available at

In case you have booked a Suite package, you can manage your “Suite OAuth2” clients respectively at

tip Find the technical endpoints for your specific environment in our FAQ section How to find the endpoints for my subscription?

For a migration to OAuth 2 token authentication you can have a look at the Java client examples:

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