Examples as Postman collections

The Bosch IoT Things team provides the HTTP API description at apidocs.bosch-iot-suite.com - Bosch IoT Things - API v2.

To make these descriptions available in your Postman client you will need to import the content as a collection.

E.g. given your subscription is hosted on AWS, the URL where the yml file is provided by our service is:

postman import example

tip Don’t forget to register a namespace before your first request to create a thing or a policy. Find details at Manage your namespace.


The baseUrl is configured as a variable.
You can change the variable in context of one collection

  • Open the context menu of the collection
  • … > View more actions > Edit > Variables

Alternatively, you can configure your environment. postman environmentexample

Path variables

Some of the requests work with path variables. These are easy to recognize, as they start with a colon (:) character.
Example: Create or update a Thing with a specified ID

  PUT {{baseUrl}}/things/:thingId

In such a case, the :thingId will need a specific value, following the pattern your.namespace:device-name.

To initialize such a variable see Params > Path Variables.

Example thing ID

Further reading

Find details provided by the Swagger team at their online presence: https://swagger.io/blog/news/whats-new-in-openapi-3-0/

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