How to book the service?

There seem to be several ways to book the service. Which way should one choose?


Option 1

In case you want to try out the service and need a Free service plan, please use the Bosch IoT Suite portal to place your subscription:

  1. Starting point is
  2. Click My account and Sign in with your Bosch ID.
    In case you have no Bosch ID yet, feel free to register a new user account. Once the authentication is successful, you will be re-directed to the Bosch IoT Suite portal.
  3. Click New Subscription and select Bosch IoT Things.
    New Subscription - things
    • Select the service plan. The Free plan is the only option offered with this channel.
    • Set the name of your instance
      You can book multiple instances of each type of service so make sure you set a speaking name.
    • Click Subscribe
    • The Status will be “Provisioning” while the service subscription mechanism checks the validity
    • In case the Status is still not “Active” after some seconds, click the Refresh button.
  4. Check your Credentials.
  5. To Edit the service configuration or visit the Dashboard, click the respective action button.

Option 2

For all paid plans, use the AWS Marketplace. Find there our Bosch IoT Suite service listings.

Within the booking process you will be re-directed to our Bosch IoT Suite portal.

In case your account is not already configured respectively, be prepared to first fill in the missing information (e.g. your VAT ID) before the subscription steps can continue.

Option 3

For any other cases feel free to contact our sales experts. Find a contact form at

Bosch associates with access to the Bosch IoT Cloud can book our service there.

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