In order to separate things from different solution spaces from each other, they are required to be created in a specific namespace. This namespace needs to be provided on each request as a :-separated prefix of the thing identifier.

Each thing ID needs to follow the pattern <namespace>:<thing-name>.

  • The namespace must conform to the reverse domain name notation:
    • must start with a lower- or uppercase character from a-z
    • can use dots (“.”) to separate characters
    • a dot (“.”) must be followed by a lower- or uppercase character from a-z
    • numbers can be used
    • underscore can be used
  • The namespace is separated by a mandatory colon (:) from the rest of the thing name.
    Examples for a valid thing ID:

tip The same concept applies to namespaces for other entities: e.g. policy.

tip The user interface Manage your namespace might be helpful in case you need to set or change your “default” namespace.

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