In order to separate things from different solution spaces from each other, they are required to be created in a specific namespace. This namespace needs to be provided on each request as a :-separated prefix of the thing identifier.

note The thing ID may only consist of up to 256 characters. This should be considered when choosing the namespace.

Each thing ID needs to follow the pattern <namespace>:<thing-name>.

  • The namespace must conform to the reverse domain name notation:
    • must start with a lower- or uppercase character from a-z
    • can use dots (''.'') to separate characters
    • a dot (''.'') must be followed by a lower- or uppercase character from a-z
    • numbers can be used
    • underscore can be used
  • The namespace is separated by a mandatory colon (:) from the rest of the thing name.
    Examples for a valid thing ID:

tip The same concept applies to namespaces for other entities: e.g. policy.

tip The user interface Manage your namespace might be helpful in case you need to set or change your “default” namespace.

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