Bosch IoT Things Java API

Bosch IoT Things provides a Java based client you can use within your applications. The client enables you to create and/or manipulate entities like thing or feature programmatically.

The integration API is versatile and can be integrated in other platforms, like for example in Vert.x, Akka, or OSGi.

For using the API, you need an installation of a Java Runtime Environment with version 1.8 or later.

tip As the Bosch IoT Things service is based on and powered by the open source project Eclipse Ditto, you can use the Java API functionality provided by the ditto-client.

Ditto client - Maven coordinates


Eclipse Ditto - ditto client - documentation

The ditto client documentation is available at

Ditto client usage examples

All Bosch IoT Things examples on GitHub have been updated and use the ditto client.

Further ditto examples are provided by the open source project.

Things client - Maven coordinates

If you have access to our repository at you can configure your Maven to download the artifacts from there.

Client API


Things client


Things client as OSGi bundle



Bosch IoT Things - things client API - Javadoc

Things Client API

Bosch IoT Things - things client - Javadoc

Things Client

Bosch IoT Things - things client - additional downloads

Bosch IoT Things - thing-client third-party disclosure document

Bosch IoT Things - things-client third-party source code Bundle

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