Implicitly create things when a new device is registered

In case you work with devices, which communicate via a gateway device, you can configure the connection to automatically create a new thing in the Bosch IoT Things service.

The configuration can be enabled and customized either via the HTTP API or via the Things UI.

The default configuration for a Hub-Things connection will create

  • a thing with the given device ID (received via the header device_id),
  • a policy, using the function to copy the policy of the gateway,
  • and an attribute named Info, which documents the gateway ID.

Enable and configure the template via Things UI

implicit thing creation

Enable and configure the template via HTTP API

tip Find an example at HTTP API > New connection mapper for implicit thing creation.

Find additional information on the ImplicitThingCreation mapper at Eclipse Ditto.

Example of all steps when using a Bosch IoT Suite package

tip Find an example at Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication > Device provisioning examples > Implicit provisioning via connection config mapping.

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