WebSocket binding

The Things Protocol message can be sent as is as WebSocket message. The Things Protocol JSON must be sent as UTF-8 encoded String payload.

How it works:

  • It supports command messages for create, retrieve, modify and delete.
  • It also supports response, events, and announcements for these operations.
  • A reactive-streams protocol for search is supported.
  • Messages not matching the protocol specification are ignored.

Things WebSocket endpoint

The WebSocket endpoint pattern depends on which API version you use


wss://<host>/ws/1 - - deprecated Feb 2020 - end of support April 2021

tip Find the list of all endpoints at our FAQ section How to find the endpoints for my subscription?


A user or technical client who connects to the WebSocket endpoint can be authenticated by using a JSON Web Token (JWT).

See Authenticate as a user and Authenticate as a client for more details.

WebSocket documentation at Ditto

tip As the Bosch IoT Things service is built upon the Eclipse Ditto project, the specification documented there applies accordingly.

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