The role of the Things service within your IoT solution

Why Bosch IoT Things?

Bosch IoT Things enables applications to manage digital twins for their IoT device assets in a simple, convenient, robust, and secure way.

Main responsibilities:

  • Abstracting the physical device to a digital twin
  • Keeping the physical device and it’s digital twin in sync, by routing relevant information and actions to the two interacting sides:
    • physical devices (IoT assets) on one side and
    • solutions (IoT applications or other consumers) on the other side.

Digital twins

A digital twin is the virtual representation of a physical device, which facilitates the following cases:

  • You can abstract the functionality of a physical device and even enrich your digital twin with additional capabilities, based on information or functionality provided by additional systems.
  • This reusable and abstracted way of describing you device allows to access your devices by API.
  • Your applications can manage device data:
    • configure initial values for the physical device to be connected
    • collect the current state
    • get notified automatically on all relevant changes of their IoT devices
    • share device data and functionality across the layers of their application or with 3rd-party applications
    • integrate with other layers for device management, software updates or alike
    • create a history of all data records regarding the device
    • manage the complete life-cycle of your device

Schematic view

The following picture illustrates the role of Bosch IoT Things within your IoT Solution:

Bosch IoT Things in yourscenario


(1) Typically two separated layers: device integration & business application; can also be combined in one application.

(2) Active “publishing” of relevant information and actions to all interested parties.

(3) “Farm” your device within your device integration layer and bring them to a “business level”.

(4) Use your devices on your required “business level” directly in your business application.

(5) Especially important for large-scale or cross-domain solutions: model your things based on the Eclipse Vorto Information Model concept.

(6) Your devices can be used in other solutions and your solution/users can use devices from other solutions.

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