Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Step 3 - Let the demo device send telemetry data

The sensor values are reported in 5 second intervals to the Bosch IoT Suite.


Rotate your cell phone (or use the slider in the browser version) and check whether the changed feature was updated in its thing view.



Toggle the switch and check whether the changed feature was processed in its thing view.



The geolocation feature is not active by default, as the idea is that you mobile sends us its real location, which will be stored in our service.

To increase awareness, as an "owner" of the device you need

  • to actively express your consent - check the respective checkbox before connecting

  • and also to "Allow Location Access" for the browser used.


Once connected, the data is visible at the device and also in respective feature section.


If your browser is located behind a corporate proxy, there might be problems to get the location. For such a case the demo device will use the coordinates of Bosch.IO office in Berlin.

Bosch internal customers: feel encouraged to use Chrome. At least behind the Bosch proxy, Chrome provides correct geolocation.