Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Step 2 - Connect the demo device

Open the demo device in a new browser or on your cell phone.

Connect the device to the Bosch IoT Suite

The demo device is pre-configured with all the information a real device would need to present, in order to successfully connect to the Bosch IoT Suite.

The sensor values are reported to your cloud infrastructure in intervals of 5 seconds. In case you want to change the configuration feel free to do so.

Enter the password and click connect.


The geolocation feature is not active by default, as the idea is that you mobile send us its real location which will be stored in our service.

To increase awareness, as an "owner" of the device you need

  • to actively express your consent - check the respective checkbox before connecting

  • and also to "Allow Location Access" for the browser used.

In case you want to simulate more devices, don't try to connect the same device via multiple browser windows simultaneously, but provision as many devices as needed instead.

In case of specific browsers (e.g. Chrome) a pop-up appears, prompting a certificate.
Click Cancel and ignore it for now. See details in Troubleshooting - demo device.


Demo device with all sections

Scroll down to get familiar with the features of this demo device.

If you collapse the single sections you get a best overview.


Upon successful connection, all sensor values are communicated to the features within the thing entity.

On the Bosch IoT Suite Console, the revision number is increased with each change (event) applied on the thing entity.


Close the connection to the Bosch IoT Suite

In case you want to simulate that the device is offline, use the connection section and click "Disconnect".


Once the device is disconnected, the connect button is offered again.

Connect again and play with the sensors.

In case you have booked a free plan, don't let the demo device run day and night, as each changed value from the device to the digital twin representation is counted as one transaction and the free plan only allows specific quota for consumption.

Example calculation: If your device sends out a message (<1 kB) each 30 seconds, you will have a monthly traffic of 86.400 transactions (i.e. 30 days x 24 hours x 60 min x 2) - which is within the free plan quota, given that the subscription really hosts one device only.
However, if you exceed these limits, the free plan might get blocked, and you will need to wait until the next calendar month.


Please, use the demo device for demo and training purposes only.
The connectivity layer is implemented via Bosch IoT Hub HTTP adapter for simplicity.
For connecting real physical devices, we recommend another implementation (e.g. using bi-directional connections as MQTT etc.).

See Command and control examples - HTTP