Bosch IoT Device Management

Step 4 - Remote control the demo device

The actors on the demo device are able to consume messages sent remotely.


Use the Bosch IoT Suite Console to send a message to the LED of the demo device and check the changed color.

E.g. setColor to red:



As the demo device is implemented with two function blocks which can process a "setColor()" function, you could also send the message to the LED function block instead.

In fact the "correct" way would be to send the message to the LED feature.

But to showcase that also the entire thing can receive and process messages, the virtual demo device supports both ways.


Use the Bosch IoT Suite Console to send a message to the display of the demo device and check the displayed text.

E.g. setText to:

TEST the demo

Details: the subject is setText , message type is Text (select it from the drop-down), the Message payload is TEST the demo, and the feature capable to process such a message is the display.


Messages section on device

The messages section shows the latest messages for the device-to-Hub communication, which is best suited for debugging this specific part of the connection.

Once the changes are reported back to the thing, a log can be activated in the Connections UI for further tracing, e.g. info if it could be consumed and forwarded to other applications listening for changes.


The notation for these messages conforms to the Eclipse Ditto protocol. This is necessary because the Hub-to-Things communication uses a managed connection.

Find details and further examples at

In case you need to collect more than the last 5 messages, this setting can be configured in the connection section.