This section guides you step by step through creating digital twins for your devices.


Hello World

Octopus device - Arduino board

XDK - Cross-Domain Development Kit

The Demo tutorial is the most easy to reproduce without any need to understand our API and the multiple layers your messages with go though.

It is also suited to demo, and training of non-developers.

The Hello World tutorial is the most abstract one, as it is designed to work without any need of hardware or an IDE.

However, you will learn a bit more than the "Getting started", as you will simulate via our HTTP API that the device is sending telemetry data.

If you try out the Octopus tutorial, you will either need a real device, or work with it's simulator.

To get the hardware running, you will need to work with Arduino.

In this tutorial, the XDK device will be configured to connect to our Bosch IoT Suite services.

To make it work you will flash the hardware using a pre-configured IDE called XDK Workbench.