Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024


An Organization is a means of organizing your Bosch IoT Suite service subscriptions in order to share them with your team members.

By grouping different subscriptions into different organizations, you can distinguish between their members and the access that they have. You can invite multiple users to your team and authorize them for different roles, including such with read-only access.

In addition to your own organizations, you can be a member of multiple other organizations.

Your Default organization is set up along with the creation of your Bosch IoT Suite account.

Upon that, you become this organization's:

  • Owner - if your account is associated with a SingleKey ID

  • Purchaser - if your account is associated with a Bosch Employee authentication (aka Bosch AD)

In case you work with multiple organizations, all new subscriptions and new OAuth2 clients will be created within the currently selected organization. You can easily switch between your organizations though, as explained later in this chapter.

The Organization UI feature of the Bosch IoT Suite UI allows you to easily manage your organizations and their members.

To open it, select Organization from the left sidebar or search for it in Services and features and if needed, use the star icon to pin it to the main menu.


Once open, it provides two main views - Organization and Members.

Each of them is explained in detail in the following pages: