Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Manage organizations

In this page we will guide you through the left part of the Organization UI feature, namely the Organization blade which provides all tools for managing the organization itself.

Open the Organization UI feature by selecting it from the side navigation.

View organization details


The left part of the screen shows details about your current organization, such as:

  • Name - the name of the current organization

  • ID - the ID of the current organization

  • Data protection officer's email - this person will receive an email in cases of information or data loss

  • Ordering channel - the channel through which the booking and billing of your subscriptions within this organization will take place
    - Bosch.IO - the ordering channel for all newly created accounts and organizations associated with a Bosch AD account (Bosch Employee credentials)
    - AWS - the ordering channel for accounts and organizations associated with a SingleKey ID account

  • Bosch cost center - applicable to Bosch employees, required for booking paid subscriptions. See Enable an organization for purchasing

  • Department - applicable to Bosch employees, filled in automatically once the cost center is set

  • Division - applicable to Bosch employees, filled in automatically once the cost center is set

Your current organization is indicated also in the header bar with the respective iconimages/confluence/download/thumbnails/2397450808/image2022-11-25_10-51-54.png and as shown above, its details are displayed right away when you open the Organization UI feature.

To view the details of another organization of yours, you can switch the organization as described in Switch organization.

Manage organization

In the top right of the Organization details view, you will find the Manage organization button, which allows you to create, edit and delete organizations.


See the following sections for more information on these management actions.

Create a new organization


To create a new organization simply:

  1. Type in a name for your new organization

  2. Add the email of your data protection officer

  3. Click Create

Edit an organization

The Edit action for an organization allows you to edit the organization's name and data protection officer's email. The ordering channel cannot be edited.

To edit an organization, the role of the current user should be at least Manager.


For user accounts associated with a Bosch Employee login, there is a field where you can specify the Bosch cost center which will be billed for paid subscriptions.

See Enable an organization for purchasing.

The UI contains a reference to your relevant cost center information.

Once set, the Bosch cost center cannot be changed any more for this organization. Please verify carefully that the proper cost center is set.


In that case, once you confirm with OK and Save the changes, you have enabled your organization for purchasing and can book paid subscriptions.

The cost center responsible will be notified to grant or reject each booking of a paid subscription.

Delete an organization

To delete an organization, the role of the current user should be at least Owner.

You will not be able to delete an organization while there are still active subscriptions in it.


Clicking the Delete button will open a Delete organization? confirmation wizard.

There you need to type in the name of your organization and click Delete.

Be aware that once an organization is deleted, Bosch IoT Suite cannot restore any organization data.


Enable an organization for purchasing

To be able to book paid subscriptions, you have to enable your organization for purchasing.

  • If you are a Bosch employee, logged in with your Bosch Employee credentials, you need to configure the Bosch cost center that will be billed for your paid subscriptions. For that, a Purchaser role in the organization is required.
    Once entered, the cost center cannot be changed.
    How to set the cost center is described below in Edit an organization.

  • If you are a customer from outside Bosch, logged in with your SingleKey ID credentials, and you want to purchase a paid subscription, you need to create a support request.

Once you have enabled your organization for purchasing, its details will appear like this:


Switch organization

At any moment you can switch to another organization, whether created by you or by another user who has invited you.

To do that:

  1. Click the organization name on the right side of the header bar.

  2. Click the Switch organization button.

  3. Select the relevant organization from the list.


  4. Click Switch.

Now let's have a look at the Members side of the Organization UI feature.