Bosch IoT Rollouts

Ordering Process


Bosch IoT Rollouts Ordering Process:

  1. Obtain a Work-On based approval from you cost center owner, use the template bellow (not needed for unsubscribe)

  2. Export and send it to us via email together with any extra contacts with administrative access to your service subscription

  3. That's it - you ready to rock&roll and will receive your subscription details within few working days!

  4. Once you may needed for unsubscribing - just send us signed email via the template from the subscription owner


  • Data owner: Email address to assign project administration to your account.

  • Cost center: Cost center for the service charging process, if not provided

  • Cost center responsible approval via WorkOn; Template is made available to ease the process, check bellow (not needed for unsubscribe)

  • Project name (optional): Name of the project, could be changed later

  • Project description (optional): Tag for the project (max. six characters). Tag will be generated if not selected. images/confluence/s/-5yt0g1/8804/10mvnxf/_/images/icons/emoticons/help_16.svg

Work-On Template:

Brief Description: Create / Modify Bosch IoT Rollouts Service Subscription


    • Subscribe

      • Service Plan: Standard / Starter

      • Platform and Region: Frankfurt (EU-1) – AWS / North Virginia (US-1) – AWS

      • System Software Update Feature: Included / Not Included

      • Subscription Name: Free Text

      • Project Administrator / MoR: if requester leave empty

      • Cost Center / Cost Center Responsible: (should be also in approval list!)

      • (optional) Create After: Date

      • (optional) Create Before: Date

      • Change Subscription

        • Change Plan

          • New Service Plan: Standard / Starter

          • Cost Center / Cost Center Approval

        • Change Subscription

          • System Software Update: Included / Not Included / Empty (no change)

          • Cost Center / Cost Center Approval

        • Change Cost Center

          • New Cost Center / Cost Center Responsible

        • Subscription ID: (please fill in the current subscription identifier)

        • (optional) Change After: Date

        • (optional) Change Before: Date

      Request service

      • E-mail: Use the E-Mail template (recommended)

      • Call 3311 (+49 711 8 11-33 11) and create a ticket with an IT Service Desk operator.

      The IT Service Desk will most likely need a couple of days to redirect your request. Make sure you create the ticket in time!