Bosch IoT Rollouts

Access a Bosch IoT Rollouts tenant

You can access an existing Bosch IoT Rollouts tenant to which you have been invited by its owner (or by another member).

This is possible even if you do not have an account with Bosch IoT Suite and do not have an Organization within it.

To access such a tenant, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Bosch IoT Suite UI and login with one of the available options - SingleKey ID or Bosch Login.

  2. When your login is successful, you will be automatically directed to the home screen of the Bosch IoT Suite UI.

  3. On the left navigation, click on any of the UI features related to Bosch IoT Rollouts, e.g. Software modules or Distribution sets.

  4. This will open the Configure tenant view where you need to enter the details of the tenant which you want to access.
    In particular, you should:

    1. Select the Region of the tenant - according to the information provided to you by the tenant owner.

    2. Fill in the Tenant ID - according to the information provided to you by the tenant owner.

      See also where to find the tenant details in the binding credentials information, as explained at the end of Subscribe a Bosch IoT Rollouts instance.

    3. Confirm with OK.

  5. Upon that - provided that the entered information is correct and you have been already added as a user to this tenant - you will be able to access all the respective resources, for example software modules, distribution sets, targets, target filters, etc.

Alternatively, the tenant owner may provide you with a direct link in one of the following formats, and thus you will directly reach the Configure tenant view:

  • specifying tenant and region:<tenant-id>&roRegion=<region-name>

  • specifying tenant and host:<tenant-id>&roHost=<host-name>