Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Step 3 - Telemetry

Now that your device is connected, its sensor values are reported to the cloud infrastructure.

The sensors which have been listed as features in the sketch are now visible as features of your connected device.

The revision number that is reported in the Device view increases with every change applied on the device's digital twin.

To see the features of your device and their current property values:

  1. Navigate to Devices on the left sidebar.

  2. Select your Arduino device.

  3. Select Features.
    Upon that, the features of your device will be listed on the right.
    For convenience, expand this Features view using the arrows icon in the top right.


In the Features > Updates view, you can monitor the current property values of your device features.

As soon as the digital twin receives new sensor values, the tile of the related feature lights up in green.


In the Features > Manage view, you can delete selected features as well as create new ones.

However, as soon a the real device will report new values of a deleted feature, it will re-appear.
On the other hand, features which you just create here but were not part of the firmware flashed on the device will not be filled up with meaningful values.