Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024


When configuring your connection, you can optionally, additionally define custom mappings to transform the payload to from or to a format, which is convenient for the integrated devices or application, or even to multiple formats.

Following mapping options can be activated and de-activated via our user interface, in the General section, or activated and de-activated based on set conditions.

Normalize outgoing event payload in thing format

In case your device or application is not aware of or is not interested in Eclipse Ditto protocol compliant messages, you should activate this checkbox to emit normalized JSON payloads for outgoing thing updates.

The normalized payloads contain the updated content of your thing, and only include the conversation information (e.g. path of change) as additional context information.

Enable custom JavaScript based payload mapping

By activating this checkbox, the user interface will offer a new section, where you can add the custom mapping in JavaScript.

A mapping can result into one or multiple messages, according to your needs. Note however, that additional messages will be accounted respectively.

Please also take note of the restrictions, see Restrictions related to the digital twin layer.

Reflect device connectivity status in thing

See Reflect device connectivity status in thing.

Implicitly create things when a new device is registered

See Register a device automatically - where things get created implicitly when a new device is registered.

Raw message mapper

See Raw message mapper.