Bosch IoT Device Management


This section contains information regarding destinations of messages.

Multiple target destinations are supported.

The targets are identified by an exchange name and routing key (AMQP 0.9.1) or a target (AMQP 1.0). Therefore the field provided here allows you to set any string.

Additionally you can choose which types of messages should be sent to this target, e.g. Twin events or Live commands.

Find details at Bosch IoT Things Protocol.

Target placeholders

Target addresses may also contain placeholders, similar to source authorization subjects. Placeholders can be used to control where the messages are published to.

Instead of using one fixed target address, the target address can be made dependent of thing specific information.

The following placeholders are available:




{{ thing:id }}

Full ID composed of namespace + : as a separator + name

{{ thing:namespace }}

Namespace (i.e. first part of an ID)

{{ thing:name }}

Name (i.e. second part of an ID )