Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Payload mapping

The payload mapping functionality can be used to transform an arbitrary payload consumed via the different supported protocols to Ditto Protocol messages and vice versa.

In case your device or business solutions are not compatible with the Eclipse Ditto protocol, you can use this section to define which of your field maps to which Ditto field.


Payload mapping helps developers to define transformations from one protocol to another:

  • In case the incoming messages would not be compatible to the Eclipse Ditto Protocol, please use the sub-section Incoming.

  • In case the messages from our service would not be compatible to your solution’s messaging protocol, please use the sub-section Outgoing.

The code to transform from and to arbitrary binary or text representations of message payloads needs to be set in this section as JavaScript.
Using this field the mapping can be done without the need for you to setup/provide a separate runtime environment.

Find details about connection mapping at Eclipse Ditto: