Bosch IoT Rollouts

Service plans and regions

In case you have not booked the service yet, find an overview on our offering:

Service plans

Bosch IoT Rollouts provides progressive service plans.

Any additional capacity is granted in a usage-based pricing model, which is part of the standard plan.

Please refer to the following pages:

Rollouts regions

Bosch IoT Rollouts is currently offered as standalone services hosted on AWS in Frankfurt as well as in North Virginia. These systems are named EU-1 and US-1 respectively in this documentation. The offering in Frankfurt can be directly booked through the Bosch IoT Suite portal.

Rollouts access URLs


EU-1 (AWS)

US-1 (AWS)

Management UI/Console

Management API

Direct Device Integration API

Direct Device Integration API
with client certificate based authentication

Device Management Federation API
disabled by default



Register for an account

Depending on the region where you want your service instance to be hosted on, there are different subscription processes. You can also choose between Bosch IoT Rollouts as a standalone service and the service package Bosch IoT Device Management which includes Bosch IoT Rollouts.

EU-1 (AWS) - Subscribe Bosch IoT Rollouts on Bosch IoT Suite portal

The recommended region of the Bosch IoT Rollouts standalone service is EU-1 on AWS.

You can find a detailed description on the subscription process here: Subscribe a Bosch IoT Rollouts instance.

EU-1 (AWS) - Subscribe Bosch IoT Device Management including Bosch IoT Rollouts

Bosch IoT Rollouts is also part of the service package Bosch IoT Device Management.

This package provides further features for implementing device management use cases.

Please see the documentation on how to book a package instance: Bosch IoT Device Management > Getting started

US-1 (AWS) - Subscribe Bosch IoT Rollouts via our sales service

Bosch IoT Rollouts is offered as a standalone service hosted on i.a. AWS in North Virginia.

To purchase a standalone service instance of Bosch IoT Rollouts on US-1, please contact our sales team.

If you want to try out a free trial first, we recommend to use region EU-1.