Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Subscribe a service instance via the deprecated Portal UI

In case you have a subscription already, feel free to skip this step and proceed with Register a namespace.

Use the Bosch IoT Suite home page as an entry point.


  1. Click images/confluence/download/thumbnails/2515430182/my-account.png My Account and Sign in with your SingleKey ID credentials (for external customers) or with your Bosch Employee single sign on credentials (for Bosch employees only).

    1. In case you do not have an account yet, register a new one (Sign up for an account).

    2. After logging in you will be re-directed to Bosch IoT Suite.

  2. Click images/confluence/download/thumbnails/2515430182/suite-list-subscription-icon.png My Subscriptions

    1. Click New Subscription

    2. Select Bosch IoT Device Management

    3. Set your Instance Name

    4. Click Subscribe and confirm on the cost summary page by clicking Subscribe again.

    5. The Status will be Provisioning while the service subscription is being created.

    6. In case the Status is still not Active after some seconds, click the Refresh button.

  3. Click Show Credentials to see your access credentials.
    The example shows the structure of the credentials.

    "hub" : {
    "things" : {
    "rollouts" : {
    "password" : "xxx",
    "protocols" : {
    "mgmt-https" : { "xxx"
    "tenant" : "xxx",
    "username" : "xxx"
    "iotManager" : {
    "ui_endpoint" : "",
    "rest_mme" : "",
    "rest_device_inventory" : "",
    "grpc_device_inventory" : "",
    "grpc_mme" : "",
    "service_instance_id" : "xxx_iotManager"

    All credentials are useful in case you need to address one of these services by their own API.

    Copy the binding credentials or at least the service instance ID to your local machine, as you will need such credentials later on.

Your service instance is free.

In case you want to subscribe a paid service plan, please start the subscription via the AWS Marketplace. Follow the links at the bottom to the service plans table.