Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Setup the Arduino IDE

In this step you will install all libraries needed for the Sketch.

Configure the SAMD Board support

  • Go to Tools > Board and click Boards Manager

  • Search for Arduino SAMD Boards and click Install


After that, select your board type:

Go to Tools > Board > Arduino SAMD (32-bits ..) > Arduino MKR WiFi 1010


Install Arduino libraries

Go to Tools > Manage Libraries


In the Library Manager that opens, search for and install the following libraries:


Install pre-integration project libraries

  • Copy the open source project folder arduino-via-hono/src/ which contains the mandatory (IoT Agent) and optional (feature implementation) libraries

  • Paste it to your libraries folder ${ArduinoDirectory}/libraries

These libraries will "translate" the features of the Arduino board to the ditto protocol used in Bosch IoT Device Management.