Bosch IoT Device Management

Further error messages

Our Free and Standard plan offering include per-defined quotas with regard to your service consumption, and might limit you in further consumption, once you have reached the limit.

However, in case your exceed these limits, error messages might be displayed.

Number of devices limit

In case your Free service plan, already has 25 devices registered, provisioning the next one will be blocked.


Transactions limits

In case your transaction count is exceeded, further interaction - such as changing a thing, its attributes or its policy - will be blocked.




At the first of each calendar month, we will reset this counter, such that you will be able to interact again.

In case you device messages still do not arrive at our cloud service, check if the connection working. The icon should be "plugged". In case the icon is "unplugged" try to connect it.

Data volume limits

In case you have exceed the date volume limit, creating new things and policies will be blocked.


Feel free to delete old things thus you clear some space and can create new things.