Bosch IoT Device Management

Create a rule

By creating a mass management rule, you can send a remote command to multiple devices.
Its script will be executed automatically and recurrently depending on the triggers and conditions defined for this rule.

To create a mass management rule:

  • Open Rules from the left navigation.

  • Click the + icon in the header bar.


On the wizard, define your new rule's parameters:

  • Settings

    • Name

    • Scope

    • Execution options (non-mandatory)

  • Triggers

  • Action

Each of them is explained in more details below.


When you have finished creating your rule, you can enable the rule immediately.


To enable or disable the rule at a later point in time use the icons at the top

Once the rule is running the play icon changes into a stop icon, allowing to disable the rule.

The wrench icon holds a menu of further actions to pause or re-run your rule.


After it has been enabled, your rule will start executing when the defined trigger(s) occurs and the defined condition(s) is satisfied.

Every time the rule is triggered, it will launch a new task.

You will see a rule execution report on the right.

You can expand the column for convenience.


For details on how to track the progress and results of your rule, please refer to Monitor rules.