Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Connection metrics

Connection metrics are available to keep track of various aspects of the connection. Connection metrics can include the number of events and messages received or sent via this connection.

For each connection, the UI will provide a tab called Metrics where you get an overview on the activities of the respective connection.

The tabular arrangement of metrics should help you to find out if the connection is working properly.

  • Connection Metrics - gives an overview on sources as well as targets and responses

  • Source Metrics - details the data by source

  • Target Metrics - details the data by target

  • Response Metrics - details the data for responses

You can reset the values captured so far, to more easily track a specific type of event, telemetry data, message, or response.
Also, in case a real device is configured to use the connection, check the box Refresh automatically.