Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Connection log entries

The Log entries view allows you to get more insights into your connections, e.g. the exact log of the events and messages sent and received through this connection.

To avoid storing infinite files, who no one needs, we will only start capturing the logs upon request, and for a limited period, e.g. to help developers and operators while debugging.

Developers who want to use this functionality will need to activate it by clicking Enable logging for one hour. The service will automatically renew the expiration date each time you have a look at the logs.

In order to capture potential error logs related to establishing a connection (e.g. connection errors) the service automatically enables logging for one hour after creation or opening the connection.

This view does not only contain a list of the latest log entries for the connection, but also allows a full-text search on all log entries, and to add filters for different fields of the log messages.

If you need more details about a specific log entry, simply click on it.

You can reset the values captured so far, to more easily track a specific type of event, telemetry data, message, or response. Also, in case a real device is configured to use the connection, check the box Refresh automatically.

Please note, that only a restricted number of log entries is maintained. Thus, older entries will be replaced by newer entries. Therefore, this list of logs might be incomplete.

If you are interested in one particular message, you should block all other messages, to make sure, that your desired message shows up in the list.


Currently, it is not possible to change the duration for which logging will be enabled.

Logging will not cause any costs itself. Note however, that all requests and all responses (e.g. retrieving the log entries) used in the UI are counted as transactions, and are reported for billing purposes.