Bosch IoT Suite

2021-02-17 - Bosch IoT Things - service update

The latest service update of Bosch IoT Things comes with various changes

New built-in acknowledgement: search-persisted

An acknowledgement with label search-persisted is issued when a modifying command has successfully updated the search index of the digital twin.

Read all about acknowledgements at Things > Basic concepts > Acknowledgements.

New actions for policies

The policies resources allow automatically injecting or removing of a subject calculated with information extracted from the authenticated JSON Web Token (JWT).

Find details about the activateTokenIntegration action and the deactivateTokenIntegration action at Things > Basic concepts > Policy as well as the Things HTTP API docs.

Search index fields per namespace

While creating a namespace for a subscription of the Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management package, you can select a new preset called "Comfort".
This option holds following search fields:

  • thingId

  • _created

  • definition

  • attributes

  • features/*/properties/status/agentName

  • features/*/properties/status/softwareModuleType

Of course, you can add further search index fields, as needed for your business application.

Find details at Things > ... > Manage the search index of a namespace.

At this occasion, various minor bugs have also been fixed.