Bosch IoT Rollouts

SOUP Introduction

The System Software Update extension is currently under development. The provided documentation aims to give insights into the general concepts of the future offering. However, details including APIs may be subject to change.

System software update

The Bosch IoT Rollouts Extension - System Software Update (SOUP) enables updating entire systems and their components. A system consists of multiple modules (a.k.a. targets) and considers the interdependencies among them.

The SOUP extension functionality introduces new concepts on top of Bosch IoT Rollouts:

  • Systems: A set of modules, which are physically connected and potentially introduce interdependencies to the software because these targets communicate with each other.

  • Recipes: A definition of which set of software can be installed on a particular system.

  • System update management: A lifecycle and set of concepts on how recipes are exposed to systems.


In this section you will also find: