Bosch IoT Rollouts

2023-11-03 - Bosch IoT Rollouts 2.0.1

The new release of Bosch IoT Rollouts comes with the following new features, improvements, bug fixes and expected changes:

Retrying failed rollouts

With the new Bosch IoT Rollouts retry mechanism you are now able to retry failed targets in a rollout.

By using a single API call /rest/v1/rollouts/{rolloutId}/retry, you can create a copy rollout, which contains only the failed targets, thus allowing you to easily retry them.

Deprecation of Rollouts Legacy UI

The Bosch IoT Rollouts legacy UI is now deprecated and will be discontinued at some point after the 15th of December 2023.

The current entry ULRs

will be replaced by the modern Management UI

The Rollouts Swagger UI (see below) could be used for any minor features that not yet present in modern Management UI.

For more information see 2023-11-01 - Deprecation of Rollouts Management UI (Classic).

Swagger UI

A Swagger UI endpoint is now available. It can be used for exploring and testing out our REST APIs.

New Features

[MECS-19133] - Retry mechanism for failed targets in a rollout
[MECS-18963] - Swagger support


[MECS-19235] - API - GET /rest/v1/targetfilters to support "representation=full"
[MECS-19316] - API - Retrieving configured permissions when getting all Users or Roles
[MECS-19380] - API - System Config /rest/v1/system/configs/ now supports Default DS Type
[MECS-19235] - API - Extend TargetFilter._links.autoAssignDS with name field - name:version

Bugs fixed

[MECS-19305] - Fix full representation of rollouts with filter
[MECS-19303] - Fix allure reports