Bosch IoT Device Management

Create a Suite Auth client for an organization role

Each call to our services needs to be authorized.
In this case, you will use the Suite Auth approach provided by the Bosch IoT Suite portal.

Navigate to the Bosch IoT Suite portal

  1. Click the icon for My Account

  2. Click the icon for OAuth2 Clients

  3. Click + New OAuth2 Client

  4. Set a Client Name.

  5. Set a Client Secret - optional - the secret will be generated by default.

  6. Select for Client Scopes some or all components of this subscription.

  7. Select for Organization Scopes only one Role.

  8. Click Create to store the entries.


Navigate Back to OAuth2 Clients.

Henceforth, whenever you need a token this client can create one.
A token will be valid for one hour.