Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Create a Suite Auth client for an organization role

Each call to our services needs to be authorized.
In this case, you will use an OAuth2 token provided by Bosch IoT Suite via its UI.

  1. Open the Bosch IoT Suite UI and select your relevant subscription.

  2. Open OAuth2 Clients from the left navigation

  3. Click + New OAuth2 Client

  4. Set a Name.

  5. Set a Client Secret - optional - the secret will be generated by default.

  6. Select as Service Scopes some or all components of this subscription.

  7. Select as Organization Scopes only one Role.

  8. Click Save on the bottom right to store the entries.


You can now use your newly created OAuth2 client to create an access token for service API requests.

Select your OAuth2 client from the list.

Open the actions icon in the top right of the client details view and select Use access token from the menu.


On the Use access token view, you will get a test token created with your OAuth2 client, which will expire after 720 minutes.

You can use it to test an API call manually, however, don't use this token in your application configuration.

Further, you will find examples for different scenarios.