Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

2020-11-30 - Service updates and discontinuing of Gateway Software Protocol Adapter

Bosch IoT Manager

The new Bosch IoT Manager service release comes with various improvements:

  • Added property category support for feature property method
    Feature properties in Bosch IoT Manager may have a category which is either status or configuration.
    So far it was possible to get the value of a feature property even if the path you provided was incomplete, for example if the category was missing. Thus the path readyUntil would return the value of a property named readyUntil regardless of its category.
    Тhis could lead to potential inconsistencies if a certain feature has two properties with the same name but a different category.
    Therefore, the current change enforces the correct behaviour, namely that you have to provide the complete feature property path in order to retrieve the property value, e.g. status/readyUntil.

  • Setting individual feature properties now possible
    It is now possible to set individual device feature properties without having to execute an operation on the feature through Bosch IoT Manager Console.
    Depending on the feature type (key-value, JSON, map, etc.) you may be able to set, reset, add and remove feature properties directly.
    Upon each change - set, reset, etc. - you may save the entire state of the feature, thus updating only the digital twin, or you may also communicate the change to the device itself in the form of a command.

Full description of this process is available in the User Guide under Device information and management.

  • New methods for listing event subscriptions
    The following new methods have been introduced in the Device Inventory API:

    • List Device Events Subscriptions

    • List Device Status Events Subscriptions

    • List Feature Events Subscriptions

    • List Feature Property Events Subscriptions

These methods could be useful for example if you need to unsubscribe users for device-related events which are no longer relevant and after that subscribe them for the relevant feature-related events.

Gateway Software Protocol Adapter

With the new Bosch IoT Edge integration, cloud connectivity to Bosch IoT Hub is provided by the Bosch IoT Edge Agent. Direct connectivity to Bosch IoT Hub via the old Gateway Software Protocol Adapter is discontinued.