Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

2020-11-04 - Available for general use

Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management – the newest pre-configured service package of the Bosch IoT Suite – is now available for general use!

This convenient configuration of five Bosch IoT Suite services builds on top of the Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication and adds mass device management and software update capabilities applicable throughout the device life cycle. The package supports multiple communication protocols out-of-the-box and allows connecting various classes of gateways and devices. Thanks to pre-configuration, the service package provides one single endpoint for device provisioning. The included services can be used via a single and consistent OAuth2-based authentication mechanism.

This package comprises:

  • Bosch IoT Rollouts – manages and controls software and firmware updates for IoT devices

  • Bosch IoT Manager – performs centralized remote maintenance and large-scale batch management of IoT devices deployed in the field

  • Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication - supports the scalable and secure ingestion of large volumes of sensor and asset data

    • Bosch IoT Things - manages the digital representation (digital twins) of your physical devices

    • Bosch IoT Hub - takes care of device connectivity at the large scale

    • Bosch IoT Edge - device connectivity, advanced edge computing, device and software management

Highlights (since beta release)

  • Integrated end-to-end authentication and authorization based on Suite Auth - both UI and API.

  • Reliable event-delivery mechanism based on Apache Kafka.

  • Support for obtaining device definitions from private Vorto repositories.

  • Clearance of all user-related data upon unsubscription.

  • Manage additional team members for your subscriptions via Bosch IoT Suite Teams.

  • SoftwareUpdatable v2.0 Vorto model.

  • Bosch IoT Suite Console integration.

  • Bosch IoT Edge Services for device connectivity and Edge computing.

Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management is available for general use on Amazon Web Services. You can subscribe for free or paid plans via the Bosch IoT Suite portal:

The supplied Bosch IoT Edge comes with an evaluation license. Please get in touch with us if you require a commercial license.