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2020-07-31 - Cloud Protocol Gateway documentation

With this update in the documentation, the concept of a Cloud Protocol Gateway is described more detailed, for potential customers, who might not have been aware of the possibility to communicate via a custom protocol.

A Cloud Protocol Gateway allows customers to connect their devices via custom protocols to the Bosch IoT Suite. The concept has been successfully implemented in many projects of our customers during the past months.

We would like to summarize the main characteristics of this approach again and are happy to support if you consider it in your architecture:

  • devices communicate via custom protocols unsupported by the Bosch IoT Hub

  • the Cloud Protocol Gateway translates the custom protocol to the Bosch IoT Hub supported protocols (e.g. AMQP or MQTT)

  • the Cloud Protocol Gateway is a software component implemented and operated by the customers

  • the Cloud Protocol Gateway is registered in the Bosch IoT Hub as a gateway device

  • authentication of the Cloud Protocol Gateways is done by the Bosch IoT Hub

  • authentication of the devices is in the responsibility of the Cloud Protocol Gateway

In a nutshell

Making use of a Cloud Protocol Gateway you can use the full functionality of the Asset Communication package or other services provided by the Bosch IoT Suite, even if your devices need to communicate via a custom protocol.

Find details describing the concept at Cloud Protocol Gateway - operated by a customer.