Delete devices and things

Task description

The Device Provisioning API currently only offers the easy way for the registration of your physical devices with our Bosch IoT Suite service.

For whatever reason you might want to delete your entries.
Unfortunately for such a case you would need to request the deletion in following order.

How to execute

Device and credentials

Make sure your device does not send any updates

This can be accomplished e.g. by deleting the connection settings

Use the Bosch IoT Hub API, and authenticate with basic auth

In case you delete only the device via Hub API, the device credentials would still exist. If the same or another device would try to register with the same ID it would run into an error.

Therefore we recommend to proceed in this order:

To proceed next steps and delete Things entry please either open Things API in a separate tab, or sign out from the Hub API and switch to Things API in the same tab.

Thing and Policy

Use the Bosch IoT Things API, and authenticate with a token

The other way around would lead you to a situation where you don't have the permission to delete the thing any longer.
In such a case of locking yourself out please contact our team for support.


The Bosch IoT Hub to Thing connection is stored at the Things service.

Use the Bosch IoT Things API, and authenticate with a token.

Deleting a connection is also supported at the Things dashboard.

Before deleting, please make sure that no other devices rely on this connection.
The easiest way is to delete the connection metrics and watch at a later point in time if the connection is obsolete and can be deleted.

Further notes

  • Deleting a namespace - will automatically delete ALL things and policies which have been registers with that namespace.

  • Deleting a Things service instance - will automatically delete ALL things, policies, namespaces and connections implicitly.

  • Deleting a Hub instance - will automatically delete ALL devices, credentials and the tenant.

  • Deleting a Suite authentication client - will only delete the respective OAuth2 client and the application will no longer be able to use this client for authorization.