mini-webui - business view

At this point we assume you have gone through the device integration tutorial and now want to see the thing using a Web-based user interface.

Estimated time to go through: 5 minutes.

A. Get credentials

You will need to use the same credentials as in the previous example.

  • API Token
    In order to be allowed to submit any request to the HTTP API of Bosch IoT Things you will need an API token.
  • Basic Authentication
    In order to make sure that only rightful users are allowed to see things, the technical user ID gets related to the entities a user is allowed to work with.

tip The user authentication dialog will pop up only once - when you click the submit button. Please make sure to use the exactly same user as in the previous tutorial.
Username will be: “tenantname\username”

B. Use our demo a mini Web-App

The demo UI has been designed for another example with a device called Octopus, however, feel free to use it to see your first thing’s counter grow.

In case you want to implement something similar, find the code in our GitHub repository

C. Get your thing’s counter values

  1. The UI is available at
  2. Select Authentication option BasicAuth
  3. Set your API Token
  4. Set your username
    Note: Your will need to set the tenant name in the same field as the username separated by a backslash:
    E.g. YourTenantName\YourUserName .
  5. Set your password.
  6. Click Connect

You should now get list of all your things.

tip In case of trouble you would need to verify that your user has read access for the thing.
This can be accomplished by reading the thing’s policy via our HTTP API GET ​/policies​/{policyId} resource


D. Level up

As server sent events are enabled by default, you can see live the thing counter increasing its value.

  • Restart the Java application from tutorial part mini-device-integration
  • Click the new thing ID to see it’s details

Now lean back and watch the “counter” increasing every 2 seconds from 0 to 100.

and hopefully you had fun watching your first thing grow.

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