Define your namespace

As soon as you will try to create a thing entity, a namespace will automatically be part of its identifier.

Which characters are allowed ?

  • The namespace must conform to the reverse domain name notation:
    • must start with a lower- or uppercase character from a-z
    • can use dots (“.”) to separate characters
    • a dot (“.”) must be followed by a lower- or uppercase character from a-z
    • numbers can be used
    • underscore can be used

How to find out which namespaces apply for my solution ?

The easyest way is to use the Manage your namespace UI to support you on such tasks.

Example: For the service instance captured in our example screenshot, “org.example.console” is defined as the default namespace.

How to set it for the client ?

tip The namespace will be used in a configuration file of the application. See cheatsheet for

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