Help us identify your client as a customer

Upon successful booking you will get credentials and a link to the Dashboard.

The Solution page displays the data acquired so far in our solution store.

  • Find yourself an OAuth 2 provider, who can issue a Json Web Token (JWT) for Bearer Authentication as described at Authenticate as a technical client.
    In case you have booked the Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication package, you can use SuiteAuth as a OAuth 2 provider.
  • Register the clientId for your solution using our HTTP API
    PUT /solutions​/{solutionId}​/clients
    Clients registered there are authorized to make requests in the context of your solution identified by the solutionId path parameter.

tip The client credentials from your OAuth 2 provider (aka JWAT supplier) will be used in a configuration file of the application.
See cheatsheet for

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