Inventory browser


The Bosch IoT Things - Example Inventory Browser lists all Things the currently logged in user has read permissions on.
In case the list is empty, either you have skipped authentication or the user is not permitted to see any Thing.

Start at .

How to use it


Basic Authentication is required.
Please log in with your tenantname, username and password.

tip The Inventory Browser application provides only two fields for authentication.
Therefore, you will need to set the tenant name in the same field as the username separated by a backslash:
E.g. YourTenantName\YourUserName .

In case you have no credentials, just create some as described at Register a user.

Create a thing

  • Click the “+ Create” button.
  • Provide an ID for the thing to be generated.
    Alternatively, leave the thing ID field empty, then the demo application will generate a valid ID.

Upon success the Things service will create an entity and set the access control list as follows:

  • The currently logged in user has read, write and administrate permissions granted.
  • The “device simulator” has write permissions.
    The “device simulator” is a client provided as well by the Things service, to help you quickly simulate a Thing.
  • The “historian” has read permissions.
    The “historian” is a client provided as well by the Things service, to help you collect the changes of property values over time.

Read a thing

  • Click the Thing listed in the first column to see it’s details.
  • The details are presented at the right section.

If the Thing is newly created as described above, it has no attributes nor features.

Update a thing

The easiest way to breathe new life into your newly created thing is to simulate where it is located.

  • Click the Simulate button.
  • Use a device to set some values
    • Follow the link to let your device set the location data.
    • Scan the QR code with your mobile phone and allow your mobile
      (btw. sorry for the inconvenience with the missing certificate)
      to display the page and to communicate your Geolocation as well as the Orientation.
  • Check the Auto refresh checkbox get the live data displayed at the Example Inventory Browser.

Find your thing on the map

Each thing which provides a Geolocation feature is also be displayed on the map.
However please consider that, in case a thing has coordinates outside the current map slice, the map will not automatically zoom in/out to show the thing selected.


tip Developers are warmly invited to use our interactive HTTP API description for further simulations.
Please note however, that additionally to the user account you would need an API Token, so feel free to book a free plan of the Bosch IoT Things service.

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