Demo applications

Bosch IoT Things provides some tiny demo applications, which can be used without further knowledge of our concepts.

Register a user



User authentication is one of the main prerequisites in order to use our demo applications.
Please help yourself and create your own Bosch IoT Permissions instance and a user.

help Help for Register a user.

Following live demos are deployed by the Bosch IoT Things team in the cloud and are already bound with the Thing service.

Inventory Browser

Inventory Browser The Inventory Browser demo lists all Things a user is allowed to read.
Further, it allows to create a new Thing and to simulate values of its “geolocation” feature.

demo Demo Inventory Browser

help Help for Inventory browser

github Full code example on GitHub

Example Data Historian

Historian The Example Data Historian demo collects Things property values, stores them in a separate database, and presents them in a time series chart.

demo Demo Historian in Inventory Browser

help Help for Historian

github Full code example on GitHub

Octopus - bidirectional


The Octopus bidirectional demo helps to read data of an Octopus device which is registered at the Bosch IoT Suite and to send messages to control one of its LEDs.

demo Demo Octopus UI

github Full code example on GitHub

help Part 2 - Octopus device control via UI.

XDK Cloud Connectivity

XDK dashboard The XDK Cloud Connectivity demo helps to register a Cross-Domain Development Kit (XDK) to the Bosch IoT Suite.

demo Demo Cross-Domain Development Kit (XDK) Cloud Connectivity

help Tutorial part 1

help Tutorial part 2 Tutorials > XDK Cloud Connectivity.

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