Things-client 4.0 - deprecated

Things-client 4.0.0 - deprecated

Major release, breaking compatibility to things-client 3.2.0 and 3.2.1 respectively.


  • The Things client now uses by default the Bosch IoT Things API version 2, which was designed for Policy based access control.
    Previous versions of the Things client used to work with API 1 by default, which supported access control based on ACL entries.
    Note: Some of the HTTP API 2 features, such as Policy management (create/retrieve/modify/delete Policies) are not implemented at the Things client, thus such API calls still need to be done via the HTTP API.
  • The Things Client is now also usable with current Spring (Boot) versions.
    Previous versions of the Things Client were not compatible to latest Spring Boot versions, because of a dependency to the “reactor” (reactor-core and reactor-bus) project. These dependencies have now been removed.

Breaking changes

Configuration changed
DispatcherConfiguration was replaced by BusConfiguration

Migration notes

In case your application used access control entries and you don’t want to migrate to the policy based approach, you will need to change the new default configuration back to version 1 which supports ACL entries.



In case your application used the DispatcherConfiguration, you will now need to adjust it.
Configuring a custom ExecutorService is still possible, but now via the BusConfiguration.


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