Solutions API v1 - deprecated

An IoT developer can retrieve the data about their solutions via the Bosch IoT Things HTTP API.
However, a more convenient user interface is offered at manage-solution.

Solution Model

  "solutionId": "string",
  "apiToken": "string",
  "plan": "string",
  "customer": {
    "name": "string",
    "email": "string",
    "info": "string"
  "namespaces": {
    "namespaceId1": {
      "default": false
    "namespaceIdN": {
      "default": false

note Note on solutionId and apiToken:
These will be generated by our service and delivered within the response.

note Note on key:
Our procedure assumes you have generated yourself a pair of public and private key.
EC - stands for the EC-DSA algorithm - is the only key type supported.
The data of the public key file (in PKCS#8 format or a X.509 certificate) will need to be Base64 encoded.

note Note on namespaces:
A solution may define various namespaces. However, only one namespace is the “default” namespace. This one will be used in future, in case a solution creates a Thing without explicitly specifying a namespace.

Solutions root resource

The root resource itself is the endpoint for solutions.


The following operations are available over the HTTP API: solution

Further reading

tip A successful registration at the solution store is part of the service booking. Find details at start.

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