How to manage and control software updates for IoT devices?

Webinar - 02/13/2018 - Bosch Software Innovations

Why do we need Software Updates in IoT?

  • Changing customer requirements & continuous improvement.
  • Essential security patches in the field.
  • Enabling new business models “Update-as-a-service”.

Examples and use cases: Software Updates in practice

or becoming a “Update-as-a-service” Provider for specific industries...

Feature Overview

Rollout Management

Powered by Open Source

  • Rollouts is fully compatible to Eclipse hawkBit™'s APIs.
  • Benefits for Bosch IoT Rollouts customers:
    • hawkBit Jackson models available for DDI, DMF, MGMT APIs.
    • hawkBit example apps available.
    • hawkBit server can be used as local developer environment for Rollouts.
    • hawkBit compatible clients can be used with Rollouts, e.g. SWUpdate or RAUC.